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High Desert Botanicals

Set of 4 Tall Tiki Mugs

Set of 4 Tall Tiki Mugs

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Inspired by Māori traditional knowledge, these mugs pay homage to Tiki - the first human man created in Māori legend. There are many iterations of this legend throughout the numerous islands dotting the vast Pacific Ocean, which were able to be shared due to the masterful navigators who traversed the open sea. The Kānaka Maoli refer to him as "Ki'i," and he is known as "Ti'i" in Reo Tahiti. 

The motifs, as they are found on these mugs, take inspiration from traditional softwood carvings called Wheku. These carvings serve as a way to honor Tiki, ancestors, and deities. 

These beautiful glazed ceramic mugs come in four warm colors: red, orange, yellow, and caramel. They hold up to 10 ounces each, and are safe for use in the dishwasher or microwave.

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