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Set of 4 Short Moai Mugs

Set of 4 Short Moai Mugs

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These unique mugs take their design inspiration from moai, the colossal statues carved by the Rapa Nui Peoples. The island shares the same name, Rapa Nui, which is commonly known as Easter Island or Isla de Pascua today. 

The moai and ahu (the platforms moai rest upon) are carved out of stone from the volcanic crater Rano Raraku. Rapa Nui artist Benedicto Tuki shared his knowledge in several interviews from the early 2000s, stating that the purpose of these magnificent statues is to honor ancestors and kings of various islands. 

These moai mugs come in four colors representative of an island volcano: red, orange, yellow, and caramel, and hold up to 3 ounces. This glazed ceramic is safe for use in the dishwasher or microwave.

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