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Ginfuser - Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Lid

Ginfuser - Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Lid

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Mason jars are truly a utilitarian vessel, and find much use outside of preservation and storage. Not only do they pair well with many aesthetic choices, they also have a sturdy design that makes them great for pretty much anything you need done in your bar that requires a container. That's why we have our Ginfuser ready for the job. 

The Ginfuser eliminates the need to strain your homemade gin and tinctures. The herbs are contained within the micro-perforated stainless steel filter, and the silicone seal and one-piece stainless steel lid prevent leaks. The filter and lid fit any quart or pint-sized wide mouth mason jar (one quart-size jar included). 

Be sure to check out our mason jar shaker too if this theme peaks your interest. 

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