Ready to experiment with homemade cocktail bitters? The Experimenter Bitters Kit includes a variety of bitter and aromatic herbs that are used in many cocktail bitters recipes, just combine with your own alcohol and fresh ingredients to discover tasty new cocktails. This gift-ready kit comes packed inside a glossy gift box featuring a snowy scene from our home town and includes a gift card with your message and the gift receipt in an envelope to avoid spoiling the surprise. Please include your gift message in the order notes. This kit includes our larger bottle styles and a wood tray to hold them.

Each wooden tray is a unique piece handmade in Carson City. The cherry wood came from a Bing cherry tree that died from a fungal infection. The fungus is only harmful to trees and it leaves a distinct pattern of dark lines in the wood, called spalting, as it attacks the tree. The birch wood is commercial lumber that failed to meet appearance standards due to knots, cracks, and spalting. These gaps are filled with colored epoxy resin to stabilize them before planing and cutting. Tray 2 is an unknown softwood with an interesting pattern of small holes in the wood. These boards were cut and planed in our workshop, making them a bit more labor-intensive than our regular trays.

Packaging the herbs separately allows you to follow (or invent) your own recipes. For starter recipes, please download our recipe book.

Experimenter Kit (enough for 8-15 200 ml batches):

- 5 amber or clear bottles with droppers
- 1 handmade hardwood tray for bottles
- 2 250 ml amber glass apothecary jars with molded glass stoppers
- 1 funnel with 10 filter papers
- 1 60 ml Syringe for measuring liquids and filling bottles

2 fl oz (approx 60 ml or 1/4 cup) each:
-   Black peppercorns
-   Burdock root
-   Cardamom (green pods)
-   Celery seed
-   Cinnamon sticks
-   Gentian root
-   Hibiscus flower
-   Licorice root
-   Milk thistle seed
-   Quassia wood
-   Sarsaparilla root
-   Wild cherry bark
-   Wormwood herb

Servings 1600-3000

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Experimenter Bitters Kit with Large Figured Hardwood Tray

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