To purchase a custom kit, simply email us a list of the spices, glassware, and accessories that you would like to order along with the shipping zip code. We will add up the total, calculate shipping, and create a custom invoice for you.

Why build your own bitters kit? Because you can get exactly the ingredients you want. Whether you're looking for ingredients for a specific recipe or want the complete set of herbs for Brad Parson's "Bitters" book, you can choose exactly the items you want in your kit.

Herbs and spices are packaged in 4 fl oz (about 1/2 cup or 120ml) plastic bags or four 1 fl oz bags; tins are available for an additional $1.25 each. 

* Denotes products that are organic or responsibly wild-harvested.

$2 for each 4 fl oz bag:

Caraway Seed (whole)

Celery Seed (whole)

Chamomile (whole)

Cocoa Bean Hulls (broken)

Coriander (whole)

Fennel Seed (whole)

Hibiscus Flower (whole)

Hops (whole)

Horehound Herb (cut & sifted)

Lavender (cut & sifted)

Lemon Verbena Leaf (whole)

Marigold Petals (whole)

Mustard Seed (whole)

Myrtle Leaf (whole) *

Peppermint Leaf (cut & sifted)

Rose Petals (whole)

Spearmint Leaf (cut & sifted)

Yarrow Flower (cut & sifted)

$2.50 for each 4 fl oz bag:

Allspice Berries (whole)

Ajwain Seed (whole)

Barberry Root (cut & sifted)

Black Walnut Bark (cut & sifted) *

Black Walnut Leaf (cut & sifted) *

Black Walnut Hull (cut & sifted) *

Burdock Root (cut & sifted)

Calamus Root (cut & sifted)

Chicory Root (raw, cut & sifted)  

Chicory Root (roasted, cut & sifted)

Smoked Chili Flakes (cut & sifted)

Cinnamon Chips (Cassia)

Citric Acid (ground)

Ginger (dry, cut & sifted)

Elderflower (whole)

Fenugreek Seed (whole)

Hyssop Herb (cut & sifted)

Juniper Berries (whole)

Lemon Peel (cut & sifted)

Licorice Root (cut & sifted)

Marshmallow Root (cut & sifted)

Nigella Seed (whole)

Oregon Grape Root (cut & sifted) *

Quassia Wood (cut & sifted) *

Rose Hips (cut & sifted)

Seville (Sour or Bitter) Orange Peel (cut & sifted)

Spearmint (cut & sifted)

Star Anise (whole)

Szechuan Pepper (whole) *

Wild Cherry Bark (cut & sifted) *

Wintergreen Leaf (cut & sifted)

White Oak Bark (cut & sifted)

Witch Hazel Bark (cut & sifted)

Wormwood Herb (cut & sifted) *

$3.50 for each 4 fl oz bag:

Angelica Root (cut & sifted) 

Apricot kernels (whole) 

Astragalus Root (slices)

Birch Bark (cut & sifted)

Black Peppercorns (whole)

Carob Bean (cut & sifted)

Cinchona Bark (cut & sifted or ground)

Cinnamon Chips (Sweet)

Cloves (whole)

Dandelion Root (roasted, cut & sifted)

Grapefruit Peel (granulated)

Green Peppercorns (whole)

Milk Thistle Seed (whole)

Red Bell Pepper Flakes (cut & sifted)

Rooibos Tea (cut & sifted)

Rhubarb Root (cut & sifted)

Sarsaparilla Root (cut & sifted)

Schizandra Berry (whole)

Sour (Pie) Cherries (whole)

Spikenard Root (cut & sifted)

Tangerine Peel (small cut)

White Peppercorns (whole)

$4.50 for each 4 fl oz bag:

Cocoa Beans (roasted, whole) 

Cubeb Berries (whole)

Gentian Root (cut & sifted) *

Inca Berries (whole)

Kola Nut (ground)

Long Pepper (whole) *

Pink Pepper (whole)

Sour Cherry Pits (roasted, whole) *

$5.50 for each 4 fl oz bag:

Green Cardamom (whole)

Devil's Club Root (cut & sifted)*

Grains of Paradise (whole) *

Mace (whole)

Nutmeg (whole)

Orris Root (cut & sifted)

Red Root (Ceanothus, cut & sifted)

Sassafras Root Bark (cut & sifted) *

Tasmanian Pepperberry (whole)

4 oz tins - $1.25 each

250 ml Apothecary jars - $4.50 each

Dropper bottles:
Barnes - $2.50 each
Clear Boston round - $2.50 each
Amber Boston round - $2.50 each
Clear French square - $2.50 each
Amber French square - $2.25 each
Amber with ground glass pipette - $3.50 each
Clear with ground glass pipette - $3.50 each

Funnel and 10 filter papers - $2 each
10 extra Filter Papers - $1 each
60 ml Irrigation Syringe (for measuring and blending small amounts of liquid) - $2 each

I do offer discounts for larger orders, particularly multiples of the same item. Any of the items you see in my other kits (wooden boxes and trays, other sizes of apothecary jars, dasher bottles, soda siphons) are available for custom orders too.

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