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  • Infusion Kit #2 - Tangerine Vanilla

Creamsicle, anyone? Bright and tangy tangerine mixed with creamy vanilla is genuinely a combo to adore. In this kit we give you tangerine and orange peel with dried orange slices for the fruity element, which means your infusion won't be saccharin unless you wish it so. You can use this kit to make a delightfully sippable infused vodka or a syrup you can combine with sparkling water to make a creamsicle soda. If sparkling your own water feels like the right thing to do, check out our soda siphon that will ensure your victory in that endeavor. 

This kit includes three packets of spices and citrus. Makes three 750 ml batches.

Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider about what herbs and spices are safe for you to ingest if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have any medical concerns. 

- Dried tangerine peel

- Freeze-dried orange slices

- Dried orange peel

- Ground vanilla bean

- Natural vanilla flavor

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Infusion Kit #2 - Tangerine Vanilla

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