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Tired of tonic from a can? Want to make real old-fashioned sarsaparilla? This is the place for you.  No more artificial colors or high-fructose corn syrup in your drinks.

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Classic Soda Fountain Syrup Kits

For the kids and abstainers, or to add some unusual flavors to your cocktail mixer lineup, try makin..


Elderflower Tonic Kit

This floral, lemony tonic makes a light, refreshing vodka tonic and is versatile enough to pair with..


Gin & Tonic Kit

Try your hand at making the cocktail that was invented to stave off malaria, scurvy, and long, hot a..


High and Dry Martini Kit

Did the martini gradually evolve from other cocktails or did it spontaneously appear in its current,..


Homemade Gin Kit

Think all gin tastes like pine-scented household cleaner? Wish your local store stocked more than th..


Infusion Kit #1 - Chocolate & Cherry

Makes a sweet/tart infused vodka or a non-alcohol syrup that's delicious mixed with seltzer. Freeze-..


Infusion Kit #17 - Hibiscus Cordial

Dark red sweet-tart hibiscus cordial or syrup is a great alternative to artificially colored and fla..


Infusion Kit #2 - Tangerine Vanilla

Bright tangerine and creamy vanilla make a delightfully sippable infused vodka. Or, make a syrup and..


Infusion Kit #3 - Spiced Rum

You’ll send those other flavored rums for a walk down the plank once you try our spiced rum infusion..


Infusion Kit #5 - Strawberry Marshmallow

Don't worry, this infusion won't give you a toothache. It's flavored with the root of the marshmallo..


Infusion Kit #7 - Rose Petal and Cucumber

The crisp, refreshing floral essences of Pakistani dog roses and Persian cucumbers create a cool, ar..


Infusion Kit #8 - Black Powder

Jasmine tea, gunpowder tea, and black pepper swirl together like shadows on the jungle floor in this..


Tiki Mixers Kit

Want to turn your next barbecue into an exotic luau? Love tiki drinks but not the mixers that are fu..


Tiki Mixers Kit - With 8 Tiki Mugs

Want to turn your next barbecue into an exotic luau? Love tiki drinks but not the mixers that are fu..


Tonic Making Kit

Impress your friends the next time you make a round of G&Ts by pulling out your bottle of home..


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