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We recently scored some great Fair Trade Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa beans. They're single-origin, sustainably farmed, and have a fantastic flavor. We've been roasting them in small batches to bring out the rich, fruity aroma and deep chocolate flavor. We've combined them with sweet, coffee-like roasted chicory and warm spices in this limited-edition flavor.

Do you crave more chocolatey goodness? Good! Because we have our Mole Negro & Smoky Barbeque DIY Bitters Kit as well as a customizable Bitters Kit that's ideal for enabling the indulgence. 

Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider about what herbs and spices are safe for you to ingest if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have any medical concerns. 

- Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa beans

- Roasted chicory root

- Black cardamom

- Cinnamon chips

- Cloves

- Cubeb pepper

- Devil's club root

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Mini Bitters Kit - Dark Chocolate - Limited Edition

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