So, you've got the exotic herbs and infusions. You've got the collection of bartending books and secret bitters recipes. You've got the shelf of rare vodkas and whiskeys none of your friends have heard of. Are you still serving drinks in some silly old fashioned glass any mall rat poseur can buy?

Show your drinking buddies that you’re serious and upgrade your bar equipment with our exclusive chemistry cocktail kit. 

This very butch ten-piece set includes:

·         One 1.5 liter pitcher

·         Four 400ml beakers

·         One 14 inch swirl tip glass stirring rod

·         Four straws made from real graduated pipettes

All items are made from borosilicate glass with the exception of the stainless steel straining lid for the pitcher.

The elegantly sloped sides of the pitcher are reminiscent of Erlenmeyer flasks, while still easy to clean. The borosilicate glass means you can even keep a pitcher of hot toddies warm over an Bunsen burner while you're waiting for your "fashionably" late friends to arrive. Now, maybe you don’t need to heat your hot buttered rums over an open flame, but it’s good to know you can (this glassware is made from the same stuff that was used to coat the tiles on the Space Shuttle). Dishwasher and microwave save (don’t put the metal pitcher lid in the nuker, duh!), this stuff is made for laboratory work. The beakers are marked in 25ml increments to aid with precision mixology. Just don’t drop your ice cubes into the bottom of the glassware – although it’s strong and virtually impervious to any heat source you can throw at it, the sudden shock of an ice cube striking the glass can lead to catastrophic failure. Be a pro and use your tongs to gently lower the cubes into the drink. No one wants you touching their ice anyway.

The straws and stirring rod are handmade by a Colorado-based artist. All items are new and have never been used in a lab, but you don’t have to tell your friends that. 

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Cocktail Set

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