Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes
Grown Up Slushies
After a tasting event we had some left over ginger ale and sarsaparilla syrups from our homemade soda kits and lots of ice so we decided to get creative and turn those leftovers into fun summer cocktails. Serve in an insulated glass to keep your slushie cool on a hot day and a word of warning, don't use metal straws for these blended drinks unless you want to re-enact the flagpole scene from "A Christmas Story."Ginger Bourbon Slushie1.5 cups ice cubes1 ounce ginger ale syrup2 oz bourbonBlend until smooth and serve.- Peachy Ginger Bourbon Slushie: Use 1 cup frozen peach slices and 1/2 cup ice.R..
Toasted Tiki Buttered Rum
Reese and I have been working on developing a tiki kit that will soon be available exclusively through UncommonGoods. We've been making plenty of great tiki drinks to test our recipes but with the cold, wet weather this week we were in the mood something a little warmer than the usual frosty tiki drink. I've developed a variation on my favorite hot buttered rum recipe that takes advantage of the bottles of tiki mixers in our bar. Toasting the butter gives the drink a rich flavor reminiscent of molasses cookies.Toasted Tiki Buttered RumHeat in a small saucepan over medium heat:1 tablespoon unsa..
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