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Botanical kits for creative craft cocktails.

These simple little bitters kits make it easy to start making your own bitters and the price makes it great for small gifts. There's no need to follow recipes or measure ingredients, just add the packet of herbs to a glass jar and fill with one pint of vodka. In one week your bitters are ready to filter, sweeten, and serve. Includes one packet of herbs and a 1 oz dropper bottle with a funnel. Pairing suggestions and a drink recipe on the box; each flavor has its own unique cocktail. 

Please note that we are switching to new eco-friendly recycled paper boxes so you may receive kits in white boxes instead of the tan ones shown in the photos.

Order one or more mini kits (any flavors) and receive a free black gift box.

Makes 15-20 fluid ounces, depending on the amount and type of sweetener added.


- Celery

- Cherry Vanilla

- Hibiscus

- Lemon Pepper

- Mole Negro

- Orange Spice

- Sarsaparilla

- Smoky Barbeque 

Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider about what herbs and spices are safe for you to ingest if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have any medical concerns. 

Celery Ingredients: allspice berries, black peppercorns, burdock root, celery seed, dried celery stalk, coriander seed, gentian root.

Cherry Vanilla Ingredients: dried tart cherries, wild cherry bark, bitter almonds, cloves, Tahitian vanilla beans, citric acid.

Hibiscus Ingredients: dried lemon peel, cassia cinnamon, cloves, gentian root, hibiscus flowers, star anise, ginger, wild cherry bark.

Lemon Pepper Ingredients: dried lemon peel, black peppercorns, dried ginger root, marigold petals, Oregon grape root, myrtle leaf.

Mole Negro Ingredients: golden raisins, allspice berries, roasted cacao nibs, cassia cinnamon chips, dried ancho, chipotle, guajillo, and pasilla negro peppers, milk thistle seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas, oregano leaves, wormwood leaves.

Orange Spice Ingredients: dried orange peel, caraway seeds, cloves, star anise, horehound leaves, Oregon grape root.

Sarsaparilla Ingredients: licorice root, sarsaparilla root, sassafras root bark, star anise, vanilla bean, ginger, wintergreen leaf, spearmint leaf.

Smoky Barbeque Ingredients: Sundried tomatoes, chipotle pepper flakes, mustard seed, black peppercorns, lapsang souchon tea, cumin, oregano, ajwain seed, myrtle leaf, hops, apple cider vinegar powder.

Servings 200-300

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Mini Homemade Bitters Kit - 8 Flavors Available

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