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Botanical kits for creative craft cocktails.

Are you ready to explore the dark art of turning base spirits into cocktail gold? Evoke mixology magic through transmutation of 24 different herbs! Set includes three 250 ml amber glass reagent bottles, twelve 30 ml dropper bottles, a glass funnel, and more housed in a bespoke cloth-bound trunk. Recipe booklet includes bitters recipes and drink recipes.  Philosopher’s stone sold separately.

New options! We now have trays in purpleheart and padauk woods. These trays are made from sustainably harvested tropical hardwoods in naturally bright colors and have a glossy lacquer finish to accentuate the color. 

Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider about what herbs and spices are safe for you to ingest if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have any medical concerns. 

    Alchemist Kit - Makes 27 - 40 250 ml batches:

    • 12 square amber dropper bottles
    • One wooden tray to hold and display dropper
    • Cloth-bound wooden trunk to hold bottles and jars
    • Three 250 ml amber glass apothecary jars with cork stoppers
    • One glass funnel with 20 filter papers
    • One 60 ml syringe for measuring liquids and filling bottles
    • One instruction booklet with bitters and cocktail recipes
    • 3 fl oz (approx 90 ml or 6 tablespoons) each:
      - Allspice berries
      - Black peppercorns
      - Black Walnut leaf
      - Birch bark
      - Bitter orange peel
      - Burdock root
      - Cardamom (green pods)
      - Celery Seed
      - Cinchona bark
      - Cinnamon chips
      - Roasted Cocoa beans
      - Elderflowers
      - Gentian root
      - Hibiscus flower
      - Hops cones
      - Horehound
      - Juniper berries
      - Lavender flowers
      - Licorice root
      - Milk Thistle seed
      - Quassia wood
      - Sarsaparilla root
      - Wild Cherry bark
      - Wintergreen leaf
      - Wormwood herb

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Alchemist Bitters Kit

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