This gift-ready kit comes packed inside a glossy gift box and includes a gift card with your message and the gift receipt in an envelope to avoid spoiling the surprise. Please include your gift message in the order notes.Apprentice Kit (enough for 4-8 250ml batches):

►   1 dropper bottle (amber French square for kit with black patterned gift box, clear Boston round for green or blue kit)
►   1 250ml amber glass apothecary jar with molded glass stopper or green or blue glass bottle with cork stopper for green or blue kit.
►   1 Funnel and 10 filter papers
►   1 fl oz (approx 30ml or 2 tablespoons) each:
-   Black peppercorns
-   Burdock root
-   Cardamom (green pods)
-   Cinnamon chips
-   Gentian root
-   Hibiscus flower
-   Licorice root
-   Milk thistle seed
-   Sarsaparilla root
-   Wormwood herb

Packaging the herbs separately allows you to follow (or invent your own) recipes. For starter recipes, please download our recipe book.

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Apprentice DIY Bitter Kit in gift box

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