• 9 Tin Bitters Kit

The 9 tin starter kit is a great way to try making your own flavors of cocktail bitters without a large investment. To keep shipping costs down, this kit includes just the herbs and two serving bottles; no jars or display boxes. Each herb is packaged in a 4 ounce tin with a clear lid. The bottom of each tin is labeled with the herb name. The tins and bottles are packaged in a glossy cardboard box that makes a great gift presentation without the need for additional gift wrap. 

Packaging the herbs separately allows you to follow (or invent your own) recipes. For starter recipes, please download our recipe book.

The nine tin kit come in two collections: All Bitter Herbs or Combination Bitter & Aromatic. The bitter herbs are generally more difficult to find than the aromatics so the Bitters kit is recommended if you have access to a well stocked grocery store and the combination kit is recommended if you don't have local access to items such as celery seed and hibiscus flowers.

The all bitters kit contains:
Barberry Root
Burdock Root
Dandelion Root
Gentian Root
Hop Cones
Milk Thistle Seed
Quasia Wood
Wild Cherry Bark
Wormwood Herb

The Aromatic kit contains:
Celery Seed
Gentian Root
Green Cardamom Pods
Hibiscus Flowers
Lavender Flowers
Milk Thistle Seed
Roasted Cacao Nibs
Star Anise
Wild Cherry Bark

Servings 900-2000

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9 Tin Bitters Kit

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